Three New Priscilla Mae Paintings

 Last weekend I decided to try my hand at adding my ladies 
to a canvas instead of a pillow format.  It's fun to switch things up
once in a while.

This is Iris ... a brand new Priscilla Mae lady. Iris is so looking 
 forward to Spring when she can finally get out into the sunshine 
and start to bring her beautiful garden back to life. 
 She has been reading so many garden books 
and magazines getting inspired by all the beautiful 
 plants she would love to plant.

The hand painted picture is 8" X 10" X 1/2" in size and 

is on a canvas.  Iris is wearing a pistachio green turban
 and is wearing a turquoise glass earring. 
 Her dress is a soft pink with dotted swiss yellow dots. 
The background of the painting is a rich yellow with 
strips of flowered paper. 
 Iris is so ready for Spring....aren't you?
See Iris here.

Maggie is the senior fashion editor for British Vogue. 
What an idea job. She studied at St Martin's but instead of following 
the path to be a fashion designer, Maggie wanted to be on 
the publishing side of this industry. Her dream is to be 
the Creative Director of Vogue, just like her fashion hero, 
Grace Coddington. Maggie lives in a loft near Convent Garden 
because she loves to be in the heart of the action 
where fashionistas and hipsters rule.

The original painting is 10" X 8" in size and can hang in 
your walk-in closet so Maggie canhelp you pick out a stylish outfit 
for your busy day. The background is a soft pink and has a 
picture of the Harrods entrance with doorman to the
 iconic department store. Maggie is wearing a vintage 
beaded earring. On Maggie's dress are cut out 
vintage rose stickers.
See Maggie here.

This is a larger painting I created of the famous fashion 
designer, Coco Chanel. What an icon she was and still has 
such a huge impact on the world of fashion.
See Coco here.

This new little painting is on a 12" X 12" X 1/2" canvas and 
is just the perfect size to hang in your boudoir or among 
your Chanel perfumes. The background of the painting is 
midnight blue and white stripes which is oh so Parisian. 
Coco is wearing a dark dove grey Chanel suit with ablack collar. 
Her blouse is a grey pink that matches the band in her hat. 
On the emblem in her hat is a vintage black button 
with four little rhinestones. Coco is wearing a pearl necklace 
and a pearly button as an earring. 
 So, so French, n'est-ce pas?

To see the three new paintings,
visit my Etsy shop here.

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