Sweet Jo

 Two weeks ago, I had to make the difficult decision
to put my dear sweet cat Jo to sleep.

Jo was almost 22 years old and in the past year
had lost her hearing, some of her sight and 
deteriorating health.  You know in your heart
that the terribly difficult decision is on the horizon
but you hold on for as long as you can until you
see that your sweet pet is having an even more
difficult time than you are.

 My son Jeb and I were driving along a country road
when we saw a sign that said .. "Free Kitten."  Jo was the
runt of the litter but we decided that the farmer had saved
the best for last and immediately adopted her.

In Jo's younger years, she was quite the "mouser" and
when you live in the country as I did back then, mice
are a real nuisance.... but not with Jo on patrol.
She had the loudest purr of any cat around and 
was most happy cuddled up in my son's lap
when he was playing video games.

It is so quiet around the house now.
 I keep catching a grey and white blur out of the 
corner of my eye
and wonder whether she is around in spirit
or am I losing my eyesight too???

Jo was a lovely sweet cat and
I am missing her terribly.

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