Thinking About Your Life

When I was in Paris last week, I spent the
afternoon at one of the most beautiful gardens in that city.
The Rodin Museum garden is a lush space with a sprinkling of beautiful
Rodin sculptures throughout the grounds.

I remember reading a novel about Paris in which a suitor met his lover
at the back of this garden and surprised her with a bottle
of champagne and a picnic lunch for them to share.
Do I hear a collective sigh from all you ladies out there?

This is Rodin's famous sculpture ... The Thinker.
Paris for me was a wonderful opportunity for me to 
slow down and truly consider my life. 
It was a remarkable trip from that perspective.

Pinterest offers some poignant quotes that I collect
from time to time.  The ones below are a few of the quotes
that seem to make sense in my life right now.
Maybe they ring true in your life right now as well.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone.
(photo by Meg Mitchell)

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