Street Sculptures On The Streets Of St. Germain

A kiss to Paris...
One of my favorite days in Paris last week was stumbling
upon these beautiful bronze sculptures throughout the streets
of the St Germain district.  They are the creation of Etienne,
a French sculptor.

Etienne loves to deconstruct the human body to
tell his story of the concept of beauty.  Etienne
believes that Beauty is a guarantee of permanence
and gives us the spirit of hope.

This work is called La Baiser ... the kiss.
La Conversation
was beautifully located in front of St. Sulpice.

Etienne's style is opening his material and
then looking for an organic balance between the
mass and the space.  
Beautiful, isn't it?

Another La Baiser.
The dove in Etienne's work symbolizes Hope.
La Poete
Because the St Germain area was a centre of writing and the arts,
it seemed appropriate for these magnificent sculptures to be
displayed in the 6th arrondissement.
La Poete 
was positioned in the square in 
front of the St Germain church and next to
Les Deux Magots, the famous cafe in Paris.
Lecture II
To Etienne, reading and discussion also brings 
hope and beauty to the world.
In Paris, art is everywhere.
This exhibition can be seen until November 10th.
Grab an airline ticket and go.

(All photos taken by Meg Mitchell)
Born in France in 1952.

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