Working On My Paris Travel Journal

 As I start to pack for my trip to Paris,
I decided to gather up my paints and
all the other art supplies for this trip.
When I travel on my own, I love to end a day
with reviewing my photos and my writings from the day
and turn some of my inspirations into artful memories.

I found this older blog post from 2013
as inspiration and it reminded me that this would
be a fun activity to continue for this trip.
And remember, you don't have to be a Monet to
have fun with this activity....Lord knows I'm not
but it a great way to relax in your hotel or
apartment or even sitting in Luxembourg Gardens.

This was published on June 13, 2013.

Before I left for Paris in May 2013, I thought it would be
fun to remember my trip to Paris with a
travel journal.  I decided to see how others created
their travel journals and hopefully it would inspire
me to create one of my own.
This is my blog post that shows others' 
travel journals.
I cleared my desk and got out my supplies,
turned on my laptop to view my photographs
from this trip to Paris and took a deep
breathe and made an outline of what I
wanted to include in this journal.
I knew that I wanted to do a number of water color
paintings to include in my journal.  I looked at the written
journal I made during the trip so I wouldn't forget
my favorite sights, best meals and new
impressions of this wonderful city.

I also wanted to write a little note on each of
the paintings because I liked personalizing
my little water color art.
This painting is the lady on the front of the menu
of one of my favorite restaurants in
Montparnasse.  La Rotonde has an absolutely beautiful
interior, great food and filled with interesting
local Parisians. The restaurant has a rich history.
From the window of our apartment, we
could see Sacre Coeur on the faraway hill with the
French flag of the Grand Palais waving in
the foreground.  The church was as beautiful at
night as it was during the day.
In the 6th arrondissement on one of the
old windy streets, we found the most special
little toy store with miniature figures and furniture
representing most of our favorite fairy tales and
notable events in history.  Of course, Tin Tin
was a big favorite of the young French children
who were simply transported to another place
when viewing this lovely store.
Of course, I had to include a favorite sight of
mine in Paris .... the bouquinistes.
These are Inktense pencils and are so much
fun to work with.  You draw with them, add a
little water and voila, it becomes a water color
painting.  I used these with my water color
paints to give quick details to the wash.
The blue item is a brush that holds water
so that you don't need to carry water to the sites
where you want to paint.  When I used the Inktense
pencils, I would just use this water brush and the
colors would come to life.

I love this little journal that also came
with pencils, eraser, ruler and sharpener.  Bon Marché
has a wonderful stationary shop with lots of fun
items like these.
I have no idea where how this little
travel journal will develop but it
has been great fun re-creating the memories.
I want to incorporate these little paintings
onto a larger sheet of paper that would might
have ticket stubs, pieces of maps, photos and
pictures.  I would also like to try and use a
sewing machine to attach some of these
items to the larger journal page.  I have
never sewn paper but it's worth a try.

I am taking along my paints and watercolor
paper to continue working on my Paris
travel journal.  Not only is this fun,
but a fun souvenir of another 
great trip to my favorite city.

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