Oh To Be In Paris For Christmas

 photo by Meg Mitchell

A great neighbor knocked on my door at noon today
and asked me to join her for lunch at our local
Tibet restaurant.  After spending 3 days at home 
kicking a cold to the curb, getting out of the
house sounded just what the doctor ordered.  

My friend Jane is a lovely person who also 
happens to be a very talented artist.
I should feature her on one of my blog posts ... 
and I will.  One aspect of our conversation 
was about fulfilling life dreams.  I stumbled
over that question because I have been so 
busy just getting through the days lately
that I haven't thought about what new things 
might excite me again.

The rest of the afternoon as I spent precooking meals 
for the Christmas holidays, the question kept 
going through my mind.  As I continued to go
through my checklist of things to do before 
Christmas, I decided that it would be wonderful 
for one Christmas to be somewhere else
and Paris would be a good place to start.

Two years ago I did visit Paris three weeks before 
Christmas but it was a shortened trip because 
I had sold my house and needed to get back
home quickly to complete the deal.

What might my Paris day look like?
Of course, no matter what time of the year,
Les Deux Magots is always a wonderful place to just be.
Walking down the beautifully decorated streets.....
Having lunch at Le Petit Zinc ....
And then at 4:00 in the afternoon, a stop at 
the local Luduree Cafe for a tea and an eclair.
 At dusk, walking along the Champs de Elysee and
having your heart just stop to see all the trees along
that beautiful boulevard dressed in lights.  Maybe,
to even walk down to the Place de la Concorde and
ride the ferris wheel.  Oh, how thrilling!
And then to come back to my rented apartment that has
a loft for my bed.  This was my favorite apartment in
Paris of all the places I have ever stayed.  I remember 
climbing up to my bed and looking out the large windows
and seeing the Arc de Triomphe in the distance.  I fell 
asleep listening to beautiful French Christmas music.

That is my dream for next Christmas.  
This time I won't cut my visit short.

What is your dream?

(All photos by Meg Mitchell)

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