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 I have a mad passion for LIVING ETC magazine.
I am like a stalker at my local magazine shop mid month.
Unfortunately for me ... this magazine is getting to be
too popular in Canada.  The new issues just fly out of the
store ... thus my new obsession with getting to the
store as the new shipments arrive.

I never buy the December issues of most decor
magazines but the Christmas issue of
Living Etc. is too cool for school.
Okay ... I just dated myself but I lose
all sense of decorum when I am talking
about Living Etc.
 Love the collection of hearts.
Love the old shutter.
 Yellow table - fun!
 How about the bed with a garland?
So Swedish ...
 I would love to build a book case 
around a door in my home.
So grab some egg nog and a few Christmas cookies
after you have bought an issue of
Living Etc. and just enjoy a fun trip down
home decor lane.

Here's hoping I get a subscription to this
fav magazine this Christmas.
It would save the time I spend
lurking around the magazine shop.

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