I Am Painting Again

I went back to the studio today to play with 
some new ideas.  Decided to see what Coco 
would look like in a larger version
of a shaped pillow.

It's been more than a year since I picked up 
a paint brush and dusted off the cobwebs 
of my creative brain.  I am quite rusty
at the whole procedure of painting the girls.  
It was a little scary at first and I dropped a huge 
dollop of paint on my new white floors in my studio.  
"Yikes"!!!  That is not what I really shouted but 
the other option isn't printable.  

And then taking photos again was a real challenge.  
I don't have my old country fireplace as a back drop anymore and now I have to envision what 
the backgrounds of the new
photos will look like.  I am using the brick wall in 
my studio and  that may be an interesting 
option to consider.  My lighting is different in the
city and I will have to experiment taking 
product photos of the "girls."
Here's a view of Coco as she walks away.
Since everyone loves the quote, I put it on the back
of her stylish suit.

Starting anew .... tis the season.
It's like going back to school again.

See Coco in my Etsy Shop.
Enjoy the rest of your summer ladies.

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