Crazy Maisie

 Meet Maisie, a beautiful and whimsical vintage cloth doll
   I found years ago at a lovely little antiques shop 
in New Hampshire. She looks like she was 
made with loving hands.
 Maisie is 23" long and has a soft filled cloth body and long legs that have painted designs. Her hair is black wool braided into a curly hairdo and her face has a painted 
serene expression with a Cindy Crawford mole 
above her lip. Around her neck is a real piece of 
fur that gives her that worldly style. She is carrying 
a small envelop purse made of leather and 
hangs from her shoulder with a gold chain. Her blouse 
is black cotton with lace at the sleeves and she sports a rhinestone bracelet on one of her wrists. Her plaid 
 long skirt is made of wool and her little shoes 
are a plastic leather so the rain won't destroy them.

 Maisie has a little loop of string at the back of 
her head if you want to hang her on the wall 
but I think that can look pretty gruesome. 
 I put her on my bed or a chair and just pull up 
her long skirt just a bit to show off her patterned legs.
Someone made this darling lady with lots of creative fun 
and love. Wouldn't you love something special 
like Maisie in your boudoir? 

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to see Maisie and other fun vintage finds.

Happy Labour Day!

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