I painted The Lady in the Aqua Scarf a number of years ago and she still sits with me each day in my studio. I've had a number of offers to buy her from customers who visit my studio but I haven't been ready to part with her. Still not there. Do some of you have pieces that you have created that you just can't seem to say goodbye to?

The Lady Pillow is sitting on a chair that I painted with a window scene on the back and a lace cloth with a pen and paper on the seat. I don't get attached to furniture or walls in a home as something I want to keep forever. For me, I see them as another canvas to try new ideas and if they don't work, just repaint or reupholster. The fabric paint that I used on the cloth was still soft to sit on and when the chair stood alone, it was another piece of art in the room. I have since changed the covering on the chair just to try something new again.

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