Strolling Down A Parisian Street

I was going through my Paris photos and it dawned on me yet again about the two extremes of Parisian life. The women and men dress very conservatively wearing mostly blacks, beiges and grays with possibly a dash of color in their accessories. This is Simone and I painted her to represent the Parisian "woman of a certain age."

But the stores........
now that's a different story altogether!
Here's a women's clothing shop in gorgeous warm oranges and colors of 
Africa. Now here's a place that knows how to cater to womens' wants .... 
clothing and pillows. What a combo! If they had a few pairs of shoes, 
it would be Nirvana.
Colorful shop n'est-ce pas? The little side tables in the 
window look like they have faces.
And a shop carrying the most quintessential Parisian accessory ..... the scarf.
I love the colors in this wonderful chocolate haven, don't you? This is 
the place that touches every woman's senses ... sight, taste, 
smell and ..... sound? Absolutely. 
Everywhere you might hear a quiet little "hmmm."
And of course, a macaroon display......
Could there be a better way to end this little stroll down the street? 
 Champagne anyone?

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