Every week Priscilla Mae pillows are sent to wonderful far away places and last week, they arrived at the Vickie's beautiful home in Towson, Maryland. Vickie is an artist and it was a thrill to have another artisan appreciate my art.   This is her lovely breakfast room and the girls look smashing next to the pink and green decor.  It is almost as if they were part of the original design plan.  

This is Isabella and she looks especially lovely with the pillow colors.  She is a soft shaped pillow and is from the series, Les Femmes de Paris.  I do have this thing about Paris.  

Hello Tullulah.  What a great dame and the quote on the back of her pillow is an old adage from Mae West.
"I like two kinds of men...
Domestic and Imported."
Speaking of domestic and imported, the breakfast room would be a lovely place to sit in the afternoon and have a glass of wine. Vickie even has company now to discuss the day's events.

And last but not least, is Lola, the Midlife Madonna.  The quote on the back of her pillow says,
"I'm not aging...
I'm increasing in value."
Midlife women are like that fine glass of wine Vickie is enjoying. We are rosy, full bodied and beautifully mellow.  
Santé Vickie and thanks for giving the girls a lovely place to be.

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