Beautiful Women Of Paris

Everywhere you go in Paris, there are wonderful images of women in all their beauty and strength.  Last year when I visited Paris for my month long sabbatical, I rented an apartment on Rue Camou.  It was a small street that was about 2 blocks from the Eiffel Tower and my apartment was right next to the American Library.  That was a treat.  I was able to borrow as many books as I could read and spent hours reading about all the artists I had discovered in the museums.

My mission last year was to take pictures of all the interesting women I saw in Paris so that I might have some inspirations when I returned home. This photo is a poster advertising a new art gallery show and I thought this image was lovely.  I loved the background and have now used that same idea when photographing my pillows.  The red tapestry gives a wonderful texture and pattern to the simple figure.

Here's a fun reclining Parisian woman playing with her child.  I saw her in a gallery window and totally fell in love with her.  Her patterned stockings are glorious.

This is Simone from the French Kiss series.  She is a "woman of a certain age".  She has been married for many years and now that the children have struck out on their own, Simone has more time for herself.  Too many times in the past, Simone put herself last but not anymore.  This is her time and her new confidence affects her long relationship with her husband.  She feels more equal and a true partner in the marriage.  She sometimes wonders why she waited so long to make these changes.  Ah ... c'est la vie.

The quote on the back of her pillow says:
"In love, there is always one who kisses and 
one who offers the cheek."
Think about that ... isn't that true of most relationships in life?  Maybe the goal is to strive to be the person who can do both...  

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