Vintage Rose Paintings for Cottage Homes

 I have been reading so much this summer about
downsizing and simplifying one's life and I must
admit, what a difference it makes not only in the
extra spaces in your home but also, the extra
spaces in your mind.

I started by taking everything off the walls and
living with white spaces in my rooms.  What
a difference it makes to have a more tranquil living
area without all "the stuff."
Coming home feels like a spa now....
and cleaning????
easy as pie.

These two lovely vintage flower painting and
 print were part of my collection when I lived in
a historic cottage.  I found each of them at a flea
market and a garage sale.  I loved collecting years ago
and I found some wonderful treasures.

 But now that I live in a smaller city home,
there just isn't enough room for everything.
And my son, probably won't get a kick out
of all my flower paintings....

I have decided to pick some of my favorites
and sell them to the next collector of fun items
for their shabby chic or cottage home.

The top two photos are a painting on a board
of a vase of roses in whites, creams and pinks.
The background is a soft blue-grey and the 
textured frame is cream.
See it in my Affordable Splendor Shop
on Etsy.

 This little print of a very similar vase and flowers
was found at a garage sale of an older woman who
painted still lifes of flowers for her home.
The colors are just so pretty as well and the 
size was perfect for filling in a little space when I
was doing a flower art wall.

It is a very sweet print.
There is a watermark at the bottom of the
print but those things never bother me.
It gives it a bit more authenticity.

Check out this little beauty here.

Stay tuned.... I have more lovely treasures is just difficult to part with some of them.

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