Nasty Women Pillows

 Seems to be a lot of Nasty Women out there
these days.....
had to keep the group growing so I created
a few of my own Nasty Women 
for my Etsy shop.

And in honor of the renowned feminist Gloria Steinem,
I called these two ladies Gloria.
 And on the reverse of the pillow is
one of my favorite quotes...
"Little girls with dreams
become women with vision."

How true....
 As you know, each pillow is hand painted
so that each lady is a one of a kind.
Even though they may be similar,
the slight move of the pencil or paint brush,
and a different personality appears.
 Here's a red head curly haired Gloria.
These ladies come in all kinds of
colors of the rainbow.
To see or buy these ladies,
please drop by my Etsy shop
and wave your protest sign.

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