More Christmas Decor Ideas

What a way to start out this fun list of Christmas decor!
Judies wrapped at the top in burlap and a ribbon
and the skirt beautifully arranged with boughs of green.

These "ladies" would look good outside your terrace
window decked in lights.  I love this idea.

Isn't this original and yet so simple?
Nothing prettier than gorgeous old silver.

 These little scrap material doves are lovely.
I love how they have sewn the wings with lots
of stitchery.   Wouldn't they look
wonderful on your tree?
They would be a family heirloom for sure.

Aren't these handmade trees out of scrap material wonderful?
They are used here with small clothes pins and a printed
number as an advent calendar.
I think they would be cute on a tree or
my usual .... table decor.

What a beautiful foyer with the decorated tree
but especially .... the Christmas bulbs on the hall light.
Love this.

Beautiful rustic wood made into
stunning Christmas trees... great idea.
I love how they are stacked against the old
fireplace with lots of fairy lights.

How easy would it be to make these paper stars
out of craft paper or any paper you choose.
Just stuff them a bit with soft paper like
tissue paper.
They would look lovely scattered around the Christmas
table or used as place cards.

Have fun this weekend decorating your 
home and holiday gifts with a few of your own best ideas.

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