This is my cat Johnson. He's 20 years old and has been a very independent little cuss for most of his life. He'd prefer to be outside all the time but Johnson became deaf about 2 years ago and now he chooses to sit on the window ledge and enjoy the sun from inside.

I do have a studio but the best place for natural light for taking pictures in my home is in the family room where Johnson suns himself. I was taking pictures of some new pillows yesterday and I realized I had someone sitting in the peanut gallery watching me.

Johnson is perched next to a "work in progress" of a new pillow. I bring new prototype pillows into my home and live with them a while to see how I like them and if they need something else to make them just right. She's quite quirky but I do like her little face but can't decide whether to let a few tendrils of curls fall out of her big hat. She'll get some cute vintage earrings when I decide on her hair. Johnson had no comments. What do you think?

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