Americans love Thanksgiving. It's probably more popular than Christmas. There is no Thanksgiving in Paris. The expats do what they can to replicate this most famous of holidays.
In the Marais, there is a shop called "Thanksgiving" and it is a totally American shop of all the wonderful food stuffs you can't get in Paris. You see, turkeys don't fit into the very small ovens in Paris. Actually, of all the years I've been to Paris, I've never had an apartment with an oven.
But, apparently in the 7th arrondissement, there are a few places cropping up that will cook a turkey for you or supply the important parts of an American Thanksgiving dinner like ... pumpkin pie.

Although I am an American living in Canada and I usually celebrate American Thanksgiving, I won't be this year. I have a show. But, I may sneak out to one of the great restaurants here in Niagara On The Lake and have a turkey dinner. You see, I get the best of two worlds. I celebrate Canadian Thanksgiving in October and American Thanksgiving in November.


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