Priscilla Mae Studio

These are pictures of my studio.  It's been busy lately and the place is a little messy but I know where everything is today.  I do have this love of moving things around so that I can get a different perspective.  On the right of the picture are the little shaped pillows, although they are somewhat difficult to see.  Les Femmes de Paris are on the sideboard and there has been a bit of a run on Les Girls so I will need to replenish the supply.
My painting desk with my flowered lampshade are shown here.  Some of the totes are shown as well as the shelves of the larger series pillows, like the Midlife Madonnas, the Muses of Amour and The Great Dames.  I have so many eyes on me when I paint.
Here's a better picture of my painting table.  The nice warm fireplace, especially in this deep freeze, feels wonderful and toasty during those cold mornings.  Some of my supplies are on the shelves along with books and magazines for inspiration.  I am a magazine junkie.  I love reading about what people are wearing, how the live and all the new trends coming down the pike.  Way above are my larger shape pillows.  I started with those 7 years ago and they were not quite right but are now getting a revisit to see what I can do differently.  I do love them in all their funkiness and I am looking forward to reintroducing them.  Have been buying berets, fur hats and interesting accessories for the new group.

Well, thank you for stopping by.  The next time you come for a visit, it will be totally different with some more new products.  Never a dull moment and that's a great thing.

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