"Shapely" Females


When I set up Priscilla Mae et al over 7 years ago, the whole idea was to make large shaped pillows that would sit on your bed or couch and if you had over 10 of these large funky heads, you'd have an instant party.  

So I madly started making all these large heads of women from all over the world and every part of my imagination. When I finally paused and took a breath and gazed over my wild array of  "heads", it was slightly frightening.  It looked like the results of the French Revolution.  But that didn't stop me.

My first art show featured my "heads" or shaped pillows.  Some were made from textiles and others were made from wood.  The wood ones were very cool and I liked them so much that I didn't sell my first one until a year ago to another artist.  I couldn't part with them. 
I placed all the cloth shaped heads on a high ledge in my studio barn and they look down on me everyday.  All of them have great earrings and some have wonderful hats.   I will return to them some time soon because I am dying to give the concept  another shot and see where it goes.  

Just recently,  I tried the shaped concept on some of my newer women designs and made them smaller so that they could be little pieces of art that sat on your desk or side table. We all like a friendly face around at times.  The little shaped pillow above is Solange who comes from the Les Femmes de Paris series.  She has been featured on ETSY several times and I'm not parting with her either... at least not yet.    Please visit my Etsy shop at:       www.priscillamae.etsy.com     to meet Solange, Isabella, Edith et al

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