How many of us are lucky to have that one special friend that gets us through a really tough time in our lives?Well....tough?  It was supposed to be but what I remember most about that time was laughing constantly.  

We had met the week that both of our husbands left us for women who took their breathe away. The same week ... was that lucky or what?   She lived on my street 
but we rarely spoke until that day I saw her having breakfast alone, as I was, at our local greasy spoon.  I had never seen her alone & I had that feeling something wasn't right in Gotham City.  Was it the look of "oh shit...my husband has left me?" 
We connected immediately with our similar stories of woe and we walked and talked and for some reason, we started to laugh about those two ingrates.  Yes, they had their two younger uncomplicated sidekicks, but we had the freedom to start doing some things for ourselves. Of course, a couple or four glasses of wine helped us to unleash all our new possibilities.  

Travel was one of the things we did that first year.  We had quite a number of adventures.  Getting caught in a hurricane in Florida and spending our long weekend in a shelter.... I know, who goes to Florida in August?  And our gourmet meals consisted of those yellow cheese crackers with peanut butter from the vending machines of the gas station where we escaped to get away from all the nursing home residents at the shelter...  But we still laughed.

New York City....that was Katharine's town.  She found the Silver Palette Shop which may have been a small inspiration for her catering company today. We toasted Dorothy Parker at the Algonquin Hotel because everyone who loves the wit and turn of phrase of this icon should pay appropriate homage with a drink or two.
And of course, there was that "little person" at the Russian Tea Room which I will leave for Katharine to expound upon at some later date if she so wishes.  Don't hold your breathe.

In my pillow series, The Great Dames, I featured Katharine as one of these gutsy ladies with an independent spirit.  I have New York as her background but I think it should have been the place she lived.  

Katharine and I got together this year to spend some time in Paris and most recently in Montreal.  They were successful trips ... we didn't spend time in a shelter but we still laughed and talked the night away.  And the best thing about our friendship ... it lasted longer than our marriages to those two husbands.

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