A New Day

This is my first blog...ever.  My son tried to discourage me from writing a blog because "what would a person my age have to blog about?"  He may be right, but I'm still curious about this new way of communicating and  like a journal, it helps you to consider your life each day.  How much more exciting each day becomes as you search out new people or experiences and open yourself to new ideas or ways of thinking.
I love to read other's blogs, especially the artisans and designers. Each morning, I rush to my computer to see what beautiful eye candy awaits me or how someone else's life may have an impact on mine.  I love to read Paris Breakfasts because I love the watercolors and most of all, I love Paris.  
I have been painting fun and whimsical women for the past 10 years.  This was my first try at anything artistically creative and what a great time I have had.  For over 25 years, I ran an executive search firm that specialized in placing women in management and board of director positions.  Now, many of these same women are subjects of my painting and even a few come from somewhere out there.  I'll introduce one to you now.

This is Veronica.  She is one of the women from the series, The Midlife Madonnas.
On the back of each pillow is a quote that relates to the subject of a particular series.  Veronica's quote is:
        "I can only please one person per day.
         Today is not your day.
         Tomorrow doesn't look good either."
Isn't that a mantra that women of all ages may like to say?  The one difference is that at midlife, you actually might just take that time for yourself because for the first time, you can.  Veronica is one of my most popular items selected by women for themselves or even a good friend.  There is a freedom at midlife.  I finally have the time to please myself and I do.  I am having fun spending the time doing what I love and choosing to be with people I truly care about.  Why did it take me so long?  


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