Creating A Travel Journal For A Trip To Paris

Are you planning a trip to Paris this summer?
This time though, instead of running around the city 
with your head cut off, take it slower and
incorporate a bit of an art project into each day.

I have always been fascinated with travel journals as a
creative way to remember a journey.  I have made journals
before but they have been more cut, paste and writing.
This time, I would like to try and incorporate some 
illustrations and color unto the pages.
Paris is a feast for the eyes ...
I just want to see if I can capture a small part of it.
 What supplies will you need?

1.  A hard cover blank book that is 4 X 6 or 5 X 7 in size so that you
      can carry it in your purse or backpack.  Moleskin make great
      journals .. their paper is good quality that will hold some water color. 
2.  2H or 3H pencils  ... the leads won't smudge with these.
3.  Eraser ... Magic Rub is a good brand.
4.  Pencil box to hold everything in one place.
5.  Water color pencils
6.  Black permanent ink pens.
7.  Water brush ... can put water in pen's barrel so you
     don't need a cup of water to paint.
8.  Ruler
9.  Small scissors
 Using my journal on the trip.

It is a good idea to find some time each day to write down your
entries or at least notes to remind you of something you did, or 
saw or ate or whatever strikes your fancy.  Writing little notes on 
the back of tickets, or receipts will help you to remember where 
and what you did for that day.  When you are seeing so much,
memory might be an issue.

Don't just focus on just the outward things on your trip but
also include your feelings and impressions and
little stories that will make journal journal come alive...
 The memories that you want to keep.

 Whenever I travel, I love to stop at a café and
order a cup of coffee and pull out my little journal
and start writing.  I think I become more inspired by
the atmosphere when I am outside of my hotel or apartment.  

I stop a lot when I'm sightseeing ... it is a vacation after all.
People watching is my favorite part of travel and
of course, tasting a favorite local treat comes in
a clear second.  This is a great activity when
I am traveling on my own.  One of the most
fun ideas I want to try on this trip is to eaves drop on 
conversations and work them into my journal.  
The imagination can be a wonderful tool.


I love to buy postcards and fill in the notes on the back and
mail them back to my home.  What a fun surprise it will
be to arrive back and still be able to enjoy more memories.
Postcards add a lot to journals, as do museum stubs, logo
from a napkin, maps, etc. 

This is what I want to try on this trip ... 

Will your journal will have a theme or not.
I like to collect lots of names of fun retail and art
happenings in Paris .... or explore new arrondissements 
that I have never visited and always moving outside the 
usual tourist milieu.  Be open to lots of new experiences
and sights on your trip...your camera will help you
frame a particular favorite scene to paint.

Photos:  2-dispatchfromia.,, 4-pret-a-voyage
5-candimandi, 6-OnFoot4now

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