Last Minute Xmas Decorating Ideas

If any of you are like me, you may still be in the throes of decorating your abode for the big day.  The blogs have 
been absolutely filled with great Christmas decor ideas. 
Here are my last inspirations for Christmas.
Lovely easy ideas ... right up my alley.
A shabby chic Christmas tree with beautiful vintage 
bulbs.  Love the colors of vintage bulbs and all 
their lovely shapes.  So simple, so pretty.
And to carry the theme just a bit further, use the rest 
of your vintage bulbs on a wreath.  I found boxes of 
old bulbs years ago at a Goodwill shop but I would 
doubt if you would find them now.  I guess flea markets 
are the next best place to seek out these treasures.
How about gorgeous paper wrapped Christmas trees?  
The paper has been glued on a paper cone and then 
put on top of a silver candlestick.  Notice all the trims 
and jewelry glued on to give the tree a 
little bling and shine.
Family and friends coming for Christmas?  What a 
great way towel come everyone with a wreath made 
from old photos.  
Love the sepia color of old pictures, don't you?
And lastly, glasses, jars, voltives are covered with scrap book papers or one could even use lace remnants.  Whatever idea you choose to cover the glass, the candlelight through the designs is absolutely beautiful and so Christmas Eve.

It's never too late for that one little touch in your home or even a possible Christmas present for someone you love.

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