Scrambled Eggs A La Francaise

Scrambled eggs are my favorite breakfast treat but more often than not, they can come out very dried and rubbery. Gross. Thank goodness for French cooking shows on the Food Network. Let me show you how the French cook their scrambled eggs. They are very simple and very creamy.
I made these wonderful scrambled eggs on the
rainy Sunday this past weekend and it was
a wonderful way to start off a cozy day.
Try it ... it's easy and so much better
than regular scrambled eggs.

Get two bowls and 2-3 eggs per person. Make sure your eggs are fresh.

Separate the whites into one bowl and the yolks into the other bowl. 
That's easy.

Beat the whites until they are frothy. 

Add a little salt and pepper to the yolks before you beat them gently.Put a pat of butter into a frying pan. Don't be stingy with the butter. It makes them so tasty and so creamy. Heat the pan to medium setting on your stove. You want to cook them gently.

Put the frothy egg whites in first. They take longer to cook. 
Stir and cook gently until the whites look like fluffy clouds 
but are still moist.

Now it's time to add the yolks. They cook quickly so keep an eye on them. Pretend you are French and caress your eggs by stirring gently. 
Oh, the butter and eggs smell so good ........

Don't overcook your scrambled eggs a la francaise. 
Make sure they are moist as you plate them.

I've added some fresh chives from my garden to my yummy eggs 
and a piece of French bread with du beurre and du confiture. 
 Now sit down and eat oh so slowly. 
 Those chickens gave their all for you.

Je suis fini. Wasn't that a wonderful way to start your day? 
There's a reason the French are known for their cooking.
 It's pure good food slowly cooked.

My absolute favorite jam is Bonne Maman. 
You can find it in speciality food stores. 
Not only is the jam delicious but the empty jar is 
wonderful to hold little treasures.

Bonjour. Have a good day.

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