Who Loves Amélie?

 One of the first women I painted was Amélie.
I went to the movie when it first came out with a
pencil and sketch book and tried to paint her
in the dark theatre.

Amélie was part of the French Kiss series of three
Parisian women who talk about love from different
stages of their lives.

I have created a little sculptured hand painted
pillow of Amélie that can sit on a stand on
your desk, or bedside table or among your Paris
guide books in your bookcase.

Who says art has to hang on a wall?

See Amélie here.


 A back view of this little pillow.

 One night, I rewatched Amélie again on TV and
took pictures of the movie.  I thought it would be
fun to paint her again from a different perspective.

Love the set in this shot of Amélie in her wonderful
Bohemian apartment in Montmartre.
I am getting the "bug" to hop on a plane
and head back to my favorite city.
Nothing is more beautiful than Paris
at Christmas.

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